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Invisible Shield technologies is also available in standard aerosol cans.


Full Release Fogging Aerosol Cans and  Partial Release Spray/Mist Aerosol Cans.


These cans feature the standard "Invisible Shield" Sanitizer and Protectant which will, once released,  sanitize the area while the product is still wet and then once dry, protect every surface with its biostatic "bed of nails' protectant.  The protectant will last for between 30 and 90 days depending on the amount of "Touch Traffic" in any given area.


The Full Release Fogging Aerosol Cans are specifically designed for a single room application and can be used in a variety of applications.


The can is placed in the center of the space to be treated, the release on the top of the can is simply depressed to activate and the fogging application starts.  The release time is between 90 to 120 seconds for full release of the product and full coverage of the area. 


Surfaces are normally dry within a few minutes (2 to 3) and the space can be utilized again within 5 to 10 minutes. No tenting. No isolation. No prolonged periods of waiting to reenter the space.


These cans will allow self fogging by normal housekeeping and maintenance staff without the need for full cover protective clothing or any special training. A true DIY solution to the problem. The full release cans also provide the ideal remedy for an isolated problem. For example:- A cabin, hotel room, or other space with an isolated infection of say H1N1 (Swine Flu) can be treated swiftly and efficiently by applying one (or maybe two) can/s within the room. No massive isolation, no worry to other cliental.


Partial Release Fogging Aerosol Cans are the same as the above Full Release cans but have a different top and release actuator. This allows the product to be used for vehicle detailing, local cleaning and sanitizing. Also for individual touch up areas such as banisters, elevator buttons, keyboards and keypads and other high traffic / high touch point areas.


The aerosol cans are partial release cans much the same as an aerosol spray of furniture polish. The top is pressed and the product is released in a very fine spray. Once the button top is released the product stream stops. This allows an "as needed" approach to a variety of applications.


Surfaces are normally dry within a few minutes (2 to 3 minutes)


Again these partial release cans are also ideal for tough up areas and for treating isolated surfaces as needed. see demonstration of partial release can




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