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Invisible Shield Technologies designed & blended its Marine Sanitizer & Protectant specifically for the Maritime market. It has been extensively tested by a fully accredited independent laboratory against the "Feline Calicivirus", the Murine Norovirus and the "MS2 Bacteriophage" surrogates for the Norwalk Virus. to view the full reports please click here


Cruise Lines

We all know how sickness aboard a cruise ship can not only effect the passengers and guests but the reputation of the cruise line itself and indeed the "Bottom line".


The Invisible Shield Maritime Sanitizer and Protectant is ideal for cruise ships  and the cruise industry and it only takes a few seconds of treatment to give more than adequate coverage for cabins, staterooms and common areas.


Invisible Shield Marine is supplied in ready to use format to allow existing cruse line staff and maintenance procedures to carry out the treatments by either fogging, misting or trigger spraying.



There is extremely little down time as treated areas can be reentered within a very few (5 to 10) minutes. There is no need for isolation of areas or indeed protective clothing/suits during application, just face masks and gloves.


The use of the Invisible Shield Marine will kill germs and bacteria and quickly sanitize the area. Then, once dry it will produce an even biostatic shield to give a long-lasting, invisible, antimicrobial non-toxic surface protectant.


It is both odorless and colorless and it greatly reduces or eliminates the buildup of Microbial's, Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Mold and Yeast. These include MRSA, Influenza A (Swine-Flu) H1N1, Staphylococcus, E-coli, Streptococcus, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, and many more (see list) . The product is effective on virtually any surface.



Passengers will know they are being protected by the cruise line and that the risk of any microbial contamination, or even simple influenza is dramatically decreased.


The effects of the treatment will protect and stay active for 30 to 60 days and in some zero touch areas even longer. Depending on the treatment regularity selected for your specific line it can cost under $1 per per cabin per application. 


Common areas such as casinos, theaters dining areas and all others can also be treated in the same way using Invisible Shield Marine Sanitizer and Protectant


Oil & Gas Industry

The growing necessity to continue ongoing operations for the oil rig companies never diminishes. Although their workers are well taken care of during long periods of time on these floating cities, any outbreak that caused illness and resulted in downtime would be  extremely detrimental.

Sanitizing and protecting are therefore extremely vital ingredients in optimizing efficiencies on board the rig and Invisible Shield Marine delivers the perfect solution.

Commercial Shipping
Transporting consignments from point A to point B is based on
time and motion. Several factors come into play, whether that be weather conditions, entry customs and excise regulations. One thing is for sure, you need a healthy crew at all times to maximize efficiency.


Prior to embarking, Invisible Shield’s Marine Sanitizing and Protectant formula will reduce the chances of outbreaks during the trip. These trips can be days if not weeks and to replace sick crew members can be costly and disruptive. Now, you can minimize the challenges with Invisible Shield.



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