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A rental vehicle might appear clean but is it protected?

Just think about how many exposed areas and touch points can be found in a vehicle!

Rental companies can keep their vehicles free odors,  microbial's, fungi and bacteria by simply treating the vehicles interior once each time the vehicle is detailed.  A massive reassurance for customers to know that each vehicle is protected with Invisible Shield biostatic sanitizer and protectant.


Our user friendly trigger spray hand held misting bottles are ideal for use inside vehicles. Invisible Shield will completely sanitize all the surfaces within the vehicle and then once dry (5 to 6 minutes) produce an even layer of biostatic protectant to give a long-lasting, invisible, antimicrobial non-toxic surface protectant.
Invisible Shield is both odorless and colorless and it greatly reduces or eliminates the buildup of odor, Microbial's, Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Mold and Yeast. These include MRSA, Influenza A (Swine-Flu) H1N1, Staphylococcus, E-coli, Streptococcus, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, and many more. The product is effective on virtually any surface.


This will give your clients the reassurance that your vehicles are as clean on the microbial and bacterial levels as they are aesthetically.

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