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What is Invisible Shield Antimicrobial
Product Protection?


Invisible Shield Technologies uses a long-lasting, EPA registered sanitizer and surface protectant used in conjunction with normal cleaning procedures to kill on contact a myriad of bacteria, molds, germs and viruses and then lays down an invisible, odorless, colorless, completely NON TOXIC microscopic protectant  “bed of nails” that are 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair that punctures the cell wall of microbes as they land on the treated surface, and kills them instantly.


When dry it is a long lasting surface protectant that greatly reduces / eliminate the buildup of MRSA, Type A Influenza (Swine Flu), E. coli, Salmonella, Mold, etc. in biofilm deposits.



It is effective on nearly any surface, including preparation, countertops, door handles, walls, locker rooms, floors, restrooms, gym mats, and many other surfaces. Including wood, metal, leather and upholstery etc. The list is nearly endless!


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