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How does Invisible Shield Technology

Protection Work?


Invisible Shield Technologies, sanitizer kills bacteria and microbial pollutants on contact, as do most sanitizers and disinfectants. However, when dry, it also layers a microscopic film of Invisible Shield that forms an invisible, odorless, colorless, completely NON TOXIC microscopic “bed of nails” that punctures the cell wall of microbes as they land on the treated surface, and kills them instantly.



The protection happens Biostaticaly (mechanically), so the microbe is unable to build up immunity to Invisible Shield. This protection lasts between 30 and 90 days depending on the traffic and "touch" volume of the area.  The biostatic surface protectant is not compromised no matter how often the surface is wiped down or cleaned. In fact, normal cleaning maximizes the effectiveness by removing the biofilm (dead microbes and dead bacteria etc).



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